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"Greek summer courses begin on 29th July, 2019 ► now enrolling!" 
Learn4Good Larnaca is a well-established language institute operating in Cyprus since 2006, specialising in teaching Modern Greek as a Foreign Language. It offers intensive or normally paced courses, all year long, to foreign speaking adults and children of every nationality, who want to learn the Modern Greek Language, to improve it or to perfect their knowledge.

The new premises of the institute situated in Kiti, a 7 minute drive from the centre of the picturesque town of Larnaca and 3 minutes drive from the International Airport of Larnaca (Cyprus). Its location, surrounded by all amenities, friendly locals and being very close to the beautiful southeast coast of Larnaca (Mackenzie Beach) offers a unique chance for combining pleasurable and learning activities. Our institute is fully equipped with all modern facilities (Video-projector, radio, TV, computers, DVD, CD-ROM, free internet access) and has a valuable number of books on Greek as a Foreign language. Our materials will be available for use by anyone of our participants during the courses.

Our tutors are qualified native speakers of Modern Greek and they have specialised at the University of Cyprus and University of London on Modern Greek Language, linguistics and history. Their teaching methods are modern, pleasant and lively. Pictures, music, language games and dramatization play the basic roles. They all use the institute's own well-tried teaching materials so as to provide the best possible familiarization for the students with real situations.

The programs are addressed to:

      - Foreign speaking adults, who love Cyprus, visit often and want to learn, to communicate in the language of the country.

      - Foreign speaking adults who live permanently and work or want to work in Cyprus.

      - English-Cypriots who came back home and face problems with the language.

      - Students that study at one of the english-speaking universities of Cyprus and they want to acquire the native language of the island.

      - Children under 12 years old who want to join one of the Greek speaking Primary Schools or to improve their development.
In Summer 2019, Learn4Good Larnaca will run the following courses. For more information, click the links below:

       JULY 2019 - GREEK SUMMER COURSE A1►A2(AM) FOR 18+ years old
       JULY 2019 - GREEK SUMMER COURSE A1►A2(PM) FOR 18+ years old
       JULY 2019 - GREEK SUMMER COURSE A2►B1(AM) FOR 18+ years old
       JULY 2019 - GREEK SUMMER COURSE A2►B1(PM) FOR 18+ years old
       JULY 2019 - GREEK SUMMER COURSE B1►B2(PM) FOR 18+ years old
       JULY 2019 - GREEK SUMMER COURSE B1►B2(PM) FOR 18+ years old